James Sang is a lecturer in the Department of Educational Management and Policy studies in the faculty of Education. Alongside teaching and conducting research, he has played a key role in the Departments activities serving as the examinations and timetabling officer of the department. He has also acted as the CoD on various occasions, sat on departmental curriculum review committees, currently serves in the Mentoring and Advisement committee of the School of Education and is engaged in examining and mentoring both undergraduate and postgraduate students. His contribution to the department and faculty can be attributed to the vast experience gained in the education sector having served as a secondary school teacher and a Principal in a tertiary college and in chairing and membership in BoG’s and BoM’s of Tertiary institutions and Secondary Schools. He is widely published in peer-reviewed journals and has contributed in learned conferences and workshops. He is a member of Kenya Association of Educational Administration and Management and Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management.