Prof. Egesah holds a PhD in (Medical) Anthropology and currently works as a Lecturer and the Head of the Department of Anthropology and Human Ecology at Moi University, Kenya:

He has 35 published works; 28 journal articles, 4 book chapters, 1 published book, 1 edited book and 1 manual review. Facilitated, presented and participated in over 100 scientific conferences, workshops, meetings, symposia and colloquium. Have been involved in more than 30 scientific research, consultancy and training engagements that are contextual, national and international, especially in the areas of culture and reproductive health. Have carried out research about health related quality of life; HIV and AIDS; male circumcision and reproductive health. In addition, researched and published on capacities and quality of higher education in Africa. Present research interests are about ethnographies of health and illness, focusing on lived phenomenological experiences in and community voices on reproductive health & illnesses. Well published in high-end journals including the Bulletin of the World Health Organization; BMC- Bio-Med Central; AIDS CARE; AIDS Care: Psychological and Socio-medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV; Canadian Journal of Public Health; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Tropical Medicine and International Health; Journal of Higher Education in Africa, Quality of Life Research; among other journals. Actively involved and have evidently contributed to wining grants at Moi University for collaborative projects including AMAS; CARTA; AfriQ’Units.