About Me

I hold a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, a Master’s in Education & PhD. in Higher Education Policy both from the University of Bristol in the UK. Currently I coordinate postgraduate programmes in the Department of Gender and Socio-economic Development in the School of Arts and Social Sciences of Moi University, Kenya and I am member of the University Senate. I lecture economics of education courses particularly Supply of and Demand for Education, Problems of Educational Planning in Third World Countries, Financing of Education and Advanced research Methodology. I have accumulated extensive experience, through many years of teaching masters and PhD students, in quantitative research methodologies specifically in questionnaire construction and design and multivariate analysis techniques using SPSS. I have also undertaken consultancy work on drug and substance abuse among Students, and job satisfaction survey among staff and students. Of particular note consulted for the Commission of Inquiry into the Education System in Kenya, commonly known as the Koech Commission on Totally Integrated Quality Education and training (TIQET) and wrote a chapter on Cost Resourcing and Financing of Education in Kenya in the 21st Century. And the then Commission for University Education (CUE) to determine the Unit cost of university education in Kenya. I have mentored many postgraduate students through thesis supervision and examination. I have also participated in many research seminars and workshops. The most recent is in the 3rd CERM-ESA Research School held in Moi University Eldoret, Kenya and in the 4th CERM-ESA Research School held in Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth South Africa where I facilitated discussions on quantitative research methodologies and presented on data collection, data cleaning and data analysis using open source software – PSPP & SPSS, discussion of results, interpretation of data and making scholarly claims. I have published extensively in refereed journals on topics covering gender equity, access, students financing and co-authored several books on educational policy and management related issues and quantitative research. I am also a member of several professional organizations.