Dr Wilson Kiptala is a Senior Lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology, School of Education, Moi University. The immediate former Head, Educational Psychology, contributed in the development of eight new programmes; PhD-Educational Psychology, M.Ed- Educational Psychology, M.Ed- (in Special Needs Education) Hearing Impairment, M.Ed- in Special Needs Education (Visual Impairment), M.Ed -in Special Needs Education (Gifted and Talented), M.Ed- in Special Needs Education (Behaviour Modification), M.Ed- Institutional Counselling and Psychotherapy(ICP), M.Ed- in Special Needs Education (Administration and Management). Participated in the Renewal of the collaboration between Moi University and Ball State University. Participated in several workshops and conferences, as a participant or facilitator. Was a member of senate. Participated as a Senate Representative on student Disciplinary on academic irregularities. Dr Kiptala published widely in referred Journals. He is a member of the graduate faculty. He teaches, supervises and examines (graduate) postgraduate students. He is engaged in outreach programmes of Moi University, as well as community service.