Moi University Staff Profile Template

1.      Name and PF No.:

• Musau Pius

• Doctor

  • School of Medicine, Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology
  • PF No. 5619

2.      Passport photo:








3.      Biography:

An accomplished medical super-specialist in Urology with impressive academic, clinical, teaching and research capabilities who has played major roles in varied administrative and leadership positions and is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an expert in his area of specialization. Beyond the call of duty, he has offered professional services to the less advantaged in the society for free. He is a self-driven, disciplined and hard working person who is innovative, patient, open-minded and enthusiastic about what he does with focused leadership skills as a current Chairman of Department. 

4.      Academic Qualifications:




Thesis title



Moi University


MMed (Surg)


University of Nairobi

Abdominal Trauma in KNH

MSc (Urol)


Tumaini University, Tanzania

Profile of Urethral  Strictures



5.      Research Interests:


Thirty-four publications in peer reviewed across varied continents mainly in General Surgery and Urology.

Title of Main Research Projects

Main project done in collaboration with NASCOP and Turkish Circumcision Association who funded to a tune of KSh.4Million on the safety profile of a male circumcision device called Alisklamp.

6.      Publications:



  1. Nyakundi N.K,  Musau P, Saula P.  Early Surgical Management Outcomes of Children with Wilm’s Tumour at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret –Kenya.  East Afr Med J 2020;97(8):


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  1. Ashiundu E, Musau P.  Modernity and changing pattern of aetiologies of urethral strictures at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret-Kenya. East Afr Med J 2019; 96(4): 1-4.


  1. 5.       Musau P, Omondi M .Giant Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (GBPH): Case report froma tertiary hospital in Eldoret, Kenya. East Afr Med J 2019; 96(3): 1-5.


  1. 6.       Musau P, Kangethe S, Emarah A.  A teaching protocol on prostatism to empower patients for better urological health. East Afr Med J 2019; 96(1): 1-9
  2. 7.       Musau P. Restoration of quality of life with giant hydrocele East Afr. Med J 2018: 95(12): 2214-9


  1. 8.       Musau P, Kimani W, Cheboiwo V, Sinei RC. Unique parahilic event: A Kenyan case report. East Afr. Med J  2018:95(9): 1958-61



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  1. B.D. Buri, Musau P, K. Patel, E.N. Fish. Evaluating engrailed-2 and cytokines in urine with serum PSA as potential biomarkers in patients with prostatism at MTRH, Eldoret Kenya. East Afr. Med J 2016: 93(10): 25-29


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27.  Musau P, Jumbi G, Parklea P :Post-Anastomotic Enterocutaneous Fistulas: Associated Factors and Spontaneous Closure At A Tertiary Centre In Western Kenya.  Ann.Afr.Surg 2010; 5:33-38.


28.  Manyahi J, Musau P, Mteta AK: The Diagnostic Values of Digital Rectal Examination, Prostate Specific Antigen and Trans-Rectal Ultrasound in Men with Prostatism.  East Afr. Med. J 2009;86(9):499-502




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Conference Presentations


  1. February 2020:  Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS) 2020 Annual Scientific Conference 27-28th February 2020 at Three Steers Hotel, Meru. Paper on Giant Hydrocele 28th February 2020.


  1. February 2019: Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS) 2019 Annual Scientific Conference 21-22nd February 2019 at Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Kisumu. Paper on Understanding the 21st Century Patient 22nd February



  1. February 2019: Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS) 2019 Annual Scientific Conference 21-22nd February 2019 at Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Kisumu. Paper on Education and Prostatism.22nd February.


  1. February 2018: Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS) 2018 Annual Scientific Conference. Paper on prostatic Gigantism. Temple Point Hotel, Malindi. 22nd February 2018.



  1. June 2017: Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS) 2017 Annual Scientific Conference  Paper on Challenges of Research in Universities.Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi, 16th June 2017.


  1. January 2013: the 2nd Pan-African  Conference on Women Health . Noble Hotel Eldoret on 17th-18th January 2013. Presented on The Role of Gender in Urinary Incontinence
  2. March 2010: Presented a paper on Enterocutaneous Fistulas during the 10th scientific Conference of Surgical Society of Kenya (SSK) in Mombasa Kenya 9th-13th march, 2010.


  1. February 2010: Presented a paper on The Diagnostic Values of DRE, PSA and TRUS during the second scientific conference of the Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons at Panafric Hotel, Nairobi on 26th February, 2010



  1. March 2009: Presented a paper: Abdominal Injuries: Who Lives and Who Dies? During the scientific conference of the Surgical Society of Kenya (SSK) at Merica Hotel,


  1. February 2009: Presented a paper: Urethral Stricture Management: the KCMC

Experience during the first Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS) scientificconference at Panafric Hotel, Nairobi.


  1. April 1997: Presented a paper on: The Role of a Doctor in the 21st Century during the3rd International Medical Students’ Workshop on the future of Medical Education.


Reviewer of Journal Articles


  1. 1.       Urology Journal: Predicting pathological upgrading / downgrading after prostatectomy in patients between Gleason grade groups and D’ Amico risk groups: Is perineural invasion an independent prognostic factor? Manuscript Code: 6591-2020-12-28. 7th January 2021
  2. 2.       Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research: complications of prostate biopsy: a prospective, single-institution study. Manuscript Code: Ms_JAMMR_64665. 6th January 2021.
  3. 3.       Premier Journal: Hypertensive retinopathy: epidemiological and clinical aspect in the nephrology department of  National  Hospital Donka. Manuscript Code: PP-1941 - 0920- 835. 02nd  December 2020.
  4. 4.       Urology Journal: Establishment of prediction models for venous thromboembolism in non-oncological urological inpatients-a single centre experience. Manuscript Code: 6475-01-09-2020.  24th October 2020.
  5. 5.       Urology Journal: The evaluation of the relationship between bladder cancer and oxidative stress using NRF-2/KEAP-1 pathway, Zinc and Copper levels. Manuscript Code: 6439-01-09-2020.  28th September 2020
  6. 6.       Urology Journal: Decrease of preoperative serum Albumi-to-Globulin Ratio as a prognostic indicator after radical cystectomy in patients with urothelial bladder cancer. Manuscript Code: 6350-01-07-2020.  29th July 2020
  7. 7.       Urology Journal: Impact of CRP on continuous bladder irrigation in haemorrhagic cystitis  patients Manuscript Code: 6326-01-06-2020.  14th July 2020
  8. 8.       Urology Journal: Urosymphyseal fistula occurring 7 years after prostate cancer treatment: A rare case Manuscript Code: 6200-02-05-2020.  3rd June 2020.
  9. 9.       Urology Journal: Efficacy of needle electrode three-point method on Bladder Neck Contracture after transurethral resection of prostate. Manuscript Code: 611-01-02-2020. 28th March 2020.
  10. 10.   Urology Journal: Antibiotic prophylaxis decreases surgical site infections after radical prostatectomy. Manuscript Code: 5942-01-01-2020. 3rd February 2020
  11. 11.   Urology Journal: Association between 5α-reductase inhibitor use and the risk of depression: a pooled analysis. Manuscript Code 5866-01-12-2019. 3rd January 2020.
  12. 12.   Premier Journal: academic dishonesty in Amhara Region particularly at East Gojjam Zone preparatory schools. Manuscript Code 071120198158. 19th November 2019
  13. 13.   Urology Journal: Risk Factors and Oncological Outcomes for Urethral Recurrence in Male patients with Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer after Radical Cystectomy combined with Urinary Diversion. Manuscript Code: 5677-01-10-2019.7th November 2019.
  14. 14.   Urology Journal: The Relationship Between Extracellular Histones and Severity of Complications in Patients with Urinary Tract Infection. Manuscript Code: 5668-01-10-2019. 25th October 2019.
  15. 15.   Urology journal: Comparison of the diagnostic performance of PI-RADS V1 and PI-RADS V2 for the detection of prostate cancer: a meta-analysis study. Manuscript Code: 5532-01-08-2019. 20th September 2019.
  16. 16.   Journal of AIDS Clinical Research & STDs: Attention Circuits in People Living with HIV and Apathy: Differential Alterations. Manuscript Code: HACRS 19-004. 3rd July 2019.
  17. 17.   Net Journal of Social Sciences: Determinants of Education Quality at Tertiary Institutions of Higher Learning: Perceptions of Undergraduate Students at BA ISAGO University. Manuscript Code: NJSS-2018-017. 23rd May 2019.


  1. 18.   Journal of AIDS Clinical Research & STDs: Sex In The Green Lodge: The Voices of Medically Circumcised Fishermen on the Shores of Lake Victoria, Western Kenya. Manuscript Code: HACRS-18-003. 14th February 2018.


  1. 19.   Urology Journal: Significance of GLUT-1, Galectin3 and Claudin1 in the Differential Diagnosis of Common Renal Tumours Manuscript Code: 4324-01-09-2017. 12th January 2018.



  1. 20.   Urology Journal: Tumour size in unilateral testicular tumours to predict non-germ cell versus germ cell pathology and the potential impact on utilization of Testicular Sparing Surgery.   Manuscript Code: 3908-01-03-2017.  11th May 2017


  1. 21.   Urology Journal : Comparison Long-Term Outcomes Between Laparoscopic Partial And Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy For Clinical T1b Renal Cell Carcinoma: A 10-year, Single-institution Cohort Study. Manuscript Code: 3913-01-03-2017.  25 April 2017.
  2. 22.   Annals of African Surgery: The Utility of Total Prostate Specific Antigen in the Prediction of Bone Metastases amongst Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patients in Kenyatta National Hospital 22nd march 2017.


  1. 23.   East African Medical Journal: Is FAST Ultrasound useful in Penetrating Abdominal injuries in KNH 2nd February 2017.



  1. 24.   East African Medical Journal: Early Outcome of Open Versus Closed Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy in the Treatment of Chronic Anal Fissures 30th November 2016.


  1. 25.   East African Medical Journal: Renal Cell Carcinoma in a semi-urban population of South-Western Nigeria 15th October 2016



  1. 26.   Urology Journal: Comparison of Thermal Cautery Assisted Circumcision with Conventional Technique. Manuscript Code:: 92-08-2378. Done on 23rd December, 2013.


  1. 27.   Research and Reports in Urology: Adult Bipolar Diathermy Circumcision and Related Procedures in Adults- A Safe and Efficient Technique. Manuscript Code:: 58600 done on 27th December, 2013.


  1. 28.   Annals of African Surgery: Presentation and Management of Male Circumcision Complications at      Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre. 8th November 2011.




August 2012 to date: member of the Technical Advisory Group to World Health Organization (WHO) on innovations in medical male Circumcision.


November 2012: Listed in the MARQUI’S WHO IS WHO IN THE WORLD 30th Anniversary directory.


December 2010:  Proposal on audit of surgical urological services in a tertiary centre adjudged fundable and subsequently funded by the Moi University Research Funding Review Board.


July 2010: Specialist recognition in urology by the Kenya Medical and Dentist’s Board: the doctor’s regulatory board in the country.


March 2010: Adjudged Best Scientific Paper Presenter during the 10th annual

Scientific conference of the Surgical Society of Kenya held at Nyali Beach Hotel,

Mombasa 9th-13th March, 2010


January 2009: SIU Scholar urology 2009; 73:933-334         


7.      Classes you teach:

• Junior and Senior Clerkship in General Surgery with specific topics in Urology as well as apprenticeship in the wards, clinics and theatres.

  • Postgraduate Master of Medicine  training in General surgery including hands on surgical practice.

8.      Other relevant links:

  • Research Gate and Academia sites


9.  Official Contact Details:

University Email: