Dr. Violet Muyoka Wangila was born on 24/08/1970 in the current Bungoma County. She learnt at Mbakalo Primary and Chwele Girls schools in [1977-1989] then proceeded to Kaimos TTC where she attained a Primary Teacher Education Certificate (P1) in 1992.

While teaching in various primary schools; she joined Moi University (2004) on school based program and graduated with Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education in 2008. Later, she graduated with Masters in ECPE, (2011) and PhD (2017) in the same field at MU.

As a professional, Dr. Wangila was a part time lecturer at Moi University Kitale Campus (December 2011-April 2012). She was later employed as an Assistant lecturer at a MU main campus where she worked from 2012-2018 before the position was reviewed to Lecturer the position she holds to date

She is a member of Kenya Association of Education, Curriculum and Leadership (KAECL) since 2018. Dr. Wangila was a Deputy coordinator of School of Education Moi University Kitale Campus (2012-2014), Assistant Exams officer Moi University Main Campus (2013-2015) and coordinator SOE, Moi University Coast Campus (2015-2017). Currently Dr. Wangila is an ISO champion in the department of CIEM, Moi University.

Dr. Wangila is an expert in Education matters; ECPE to be specific and her main responsibilities entail teaching, setting exams, supervision, marking, guiding and carrying out research.

In the corporate society, Dr. Wangila is a church minister and a chairlady of a women ministry, secretary of Namarome women group, chairlady of Twelve Sisters women group and a motivational speaker in many schools and church conferences and youth rallies.