Lynn Kisembe is a steadfast C-suite administrator and operating officer within the education sector, as well as an accomplished Linguist. Her 16+ years of teaching and carrying out Linguistic related research, and her operations and administrative experiences of12 years experience has brought about impactful changes, and has moved the universities up the notches in  its  reputation  and  branding.  Lynn  has  served  in  three  senior  university  administrative positions,  namely  Vice  President-  Academic  Affairs,  Vice  President-Student  Affairs  and Registrar.

Lynn has previously served on the following boards:

Chair: University Disciplinary Committee, ANUC

Secretary: Academic Board (senate), ANUC

Secretary: Board of governors (university council), ANUC

Member: University Management Committee

Chair: University Admissions Board

Member: Program Accreditation Committee

Chair: University Graduation Committee

Member: Welfare Committee

Member: Board of Trustee (Provident Fund)

Member: Institutional Affiliation Committee

Graduate student representative: Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Member: Career and Student Work Plan Policy- Moi University

Member: The Implementation Committee of the Student Career Services Office, Moi


She currently serves on the following boards:

Post Graduate Committee, Moi University.

Member: Graduate curriculum review committee, Moi University

Member: Moi University Rebranding Team, Moi University

Lynn has won several  local and international leadership, and academic awards, as well as grants for research including

• National Society of Black Engineers Academic Excellence award, USA

• Scotia Bank  award of recognition of Excellence in International Study, Canada

• International Institute of Education award, Vienna, Austria

• Association of African Universities research award, Ghana

• American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)- African Humanities Program (AHP) award for research

• National Research Fund award, Kenya

She is also a team member and serves in several roles in multidisciplinary research projects

• Research supervisor of the Framing Identity in Human Agency Mobility (FIHAM), funded by the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence , Bayreuth, Germany.

• Researcher/Data analyst on the African Identities, Moralities and Wellbeing (AIM WELL), funded by the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence , Bayreuth, Germany.

• Social safeguards coordinator at the ACE II-PTRE, a world bank project at Moi University.

• Board of Management -Team member, Creating Postgraduate Collaborations (CPC) project, funded by the European Commission; Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education.

Lynn has presented papers at international conferences in 30 different nations across the world, and has a number of publications to her credit. She is a member of several professional bodies including the International Sociological Association (ISA), and the Language Association of Eastern Africa (LAEA).

Lynn holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Ghana, Leg-on, three master of Arts degrees in three different linguistic   branches from York University , Memorial University of Newfoundland both in Canada and from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Lynn has been trained professionally in courses on leadership development, University leadership/administration, pedagogical leadership, transformational education, technology enabled learning, quality assurance in university education and management, grantsmanship, community development among others. Lynn has a wealth of experience in leadership having served in almost all functional areas of university administration successfully. She is credited for transforming a locally registered institution to an internationally recognized young University that has not only been recognized internationally for leadership and academic innovation and excellence having won several awards, but also steadily grown to fulfill her vision making significant contributions not only to Ghana but Africa. Charged with the responsibility of overseeing the administration of the entire University that started with a student population of 100 and 15 employees in 2003, under her administration, the University recorded a student population of over 20,000, with an expansion of degree programs from 2 to 13 in the fields of Engineering, Allied Health and Sciences, Business, Theology and Humanities by December 2015 and a student complement from 22 nations across the world.

As a leadership trainer and through several speaking engagements, Lynn is passionate about grooming the youth and children for honest and compassionate leadership. Out of her own initiative, Lynn founded KIMA Educational Training and Research Consultancy, a company that offers a holistic approach to development geared towards the educational and socio –economic transformation of individuals, societies, professionals, and communities using the Human Factor approach. She co-founded the Language Association of Eastern Africa (LAEA), an organization aimed at furthering scientific and professional study of language in all its aspects.

Lynn has multiple skills developed from her previous experience as well as values she upholds that she will bring on board as a member. This include leadership and social skills, problem solving, collaboration skills, Organizational and interpersonal skills, oral and written communication  skills  etc.;  integrity,  responsibility,  accountability,  commitment,  selflessness which are sought after qualities for long term business successes, community development and nation building.