Research Interests

I have 20 years experience in research that has been supported by the following grants that I have received:

1)      AMPATH Plus (Academic Model Providing Access to HealthCare) A10-623-A-12-00001                                     funded by USAID to find, link, treat, and retain all HIV-infected people within our catchment area. My Role is Co-investigator.

2)          East African Regional IeDEA Consortium(GRANT No. 5U01A1069911-09 funded by NIH-NIAID ).My Role is the AMPATH site PI. The goal of this project is to create a regional East African database with data collected in the process of routine care from HIV-infected patients enrolled in health centers in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. These data will in turn be used to perform epidemiologic studies.

3)      Pre-treatment loss to follow up in the tuberculosis program in Western Kenya: the burden and determinants (Grant number MF.2013.40205.048 funded by EDCTP-EEIG ). My Role in this grant is site PI.

The goal of this project is to estimate the Pre-Treatment loss to follow up among TB infected patients cared for at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

4)      Use of HIV Treatment Provider reminders and alerts for improving TB intensive case finding and isoniazid preventive therapy for people living with HIV AIDS in Western Kenya (TB TECH) ( Grant number 1000-07-00034-; AID-OAA-TO-11-00060            funded by population council).My role in this grant is site PI.

5)      CIPRA Grant: Establishing HIV/AIDS research in western Kenya (Grant number R03 AI56380-01funded by NIH). My role in this grant was site PI. The goals of this project were to organize the foundations for comprehensive HIV/AIDS research, prioritize HIV/AIDS prevention and care issues to be studied, and to develop administrative structure at Moi University to manage the budgets and regulatory functions required to manage large NIH grants.

6)      Development of a database on the care of patients with respiratory tract infections at a rural Kenyan         health center (Grant number D43-TW01082 funded by Forgaty international). My role in this project was a co- investigator. This project involved developing an electronic medical record system in a rural health centre as a data  repository for patients being treated for acute respiratory tract infections.

7)      HIV-1 Genotypic Diversity and Drug Resistance in western Kenya ( Grant number P30AI042853 funded by NIH). My role in this grant was co investigator. The goal of this study was to provide preliminary data on HIV-1 subtypes in western Kenya, and to investigate genotypic diversity before and after antiretroviral drug exposure.

8)      Directly Observed Therapy (DOTS) for TB and HIV in Kenya (Grant number 1R03-TW006234-01)

My role in this project was a co- investigator. The aim of this project was to establish the best care models for multidrug resistant TB in Kenya. 

Areas of interest in research:

1)      HIV treatment outcomes and interactions with opportunistic infections especially tuberculosis.

2)      HIV disease progression with a focus on monitoring patients on ARVs, HIV diversity and development of HIV drug resistance among patients on first line, second line and drug naïve.

3)      Determination of the best treatment care models for multi drug resistant tuberculosis

4)      Strategies for integrating TB and HIV care with a focus to reduce the burden of TB among HIV infected patients

5)        Development of electronic medical record systems in rural health centers and creating large electronic databases for HIV data gathered during care to support epidemiologic studies.


On-going Research:

1)      Causes of pulmonary infiltrates in HIV infected patients in Western Kenya.

2)      Prevalence of lipodystrophy in Kenyan patients on long term Stavudine therapy.

3)      Retrospective study on the effect of fluconazole (diflucan) on the rates of tuberculosis and on the response to antitubercular medications of HIV – positive individuals.

4)      HIV-1 genotyping diversity and drug resistance in western Kenya.

5)      Statistical methods for correlated outcomes and covariate errors in studies on HIV/AIDS

6)      Timing and type of test for bacteriologically confirmed TB and TB/HIV treatment outcomes

7)      Lung cancer prevalence survey.


Collaborating Institutions:

Indiana University, Brown University, Duke University, University of Vanderbilt, University of Bergen, University of Kwazulu Natal, Kenya medical research Institute, Infectious Diseases Institute Makerere University, Mbarara University, Alexandria University Egypt, ISPM University of Bern, University of Nairobi and Ministry of Health Government of Kenya (National TB control program and National AIDS control program)