Ambrose Kiprop is a Professor of Organic Chemistry who was knighted (with Les Palmes Academiques) by the French Government. Sir, Prof. Kiprop is the Director of Resource Mobilization, Enterprise Development and Institutional Advancement (RMEDIA). He is the Center Leader - World Bank Funded Africa Center of Excellence in Phytochemicals, Textile and Renewable Energy(ACEII-PTRE) and also Coordinator of ASALI (A Sustainable Approach to Livelihood Improvement) project, Moi University. He has been Dean, School of Sciences and Aerospace Studies for many years. Sir, Prof. Kiprop obtained his PhD degree in Geosciences, 2009 at Université Henri Poincaré (currently University of Lorraine), France. Has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses for several years and supervised Bachelors, Masters and PhD students. Sir, Prof. Kiprop has served as external examiner in the past. His research interest and activities include: Valorisation of compounds from plants, Production and optimization of biogas from biomass and slaughterhouse wastes, pre-treatment of Prosopis julifora, its hydrolisis to simple sugars using immobilized enzymes, production of high-value chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass by biocatalyst, extraction and isolation of compounds and then characterization, chemical modification of compounds obtained from plants, among others. He has won several travelling awards to attend and present at various conferences in different countries such as in France, Germany and Switzerland. He has also been awarded Scientific Exchange Grant by the French Embassy in Kenya to undertake research at the University of Lorraine - France among other awards. He has written many articles and also columns in Newspapers. Sir, Prof. Kiprop has expertise in managing projects, resource mobilization and its management and also sustainability. He has been key in the establishment a professional Association, the Association of France Alumni in Kenya (AFRAKEN) which has spearheaded  a lot of activities. Several students and colleagues have benefited heavily in his networks and/or linkages within and beyond the country.