Born in 1957, Khaemba Ongeti has taught at secondary school, college and university since 1980. Today he teaches Research Methods to doctoral students but has a penchant for Curriculum and Instruction as well. In Research Methods he emphasizes the significance of design as a tool for generating validity and reliability in research outcomes. In Curriculum and Instruction he is keen on the concept of constructive alignment where instruction ought to depict connections between expected learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment tasks.
Ongeti is also the Deputy Director of Quality Assurance. In this role he has spearheaded the modernization of curriculum development and pedagogy within the University. His pet topic is “inculcation of employability skills in twenty-first century graduates”. In collaboration with others from African universities, Ongeti champions pedagogical innovations to modernize learning within universities in Africa.
Ongeti has published extensively. When he is not teaching or reading new curricula at the Directorate of Quality Assurance he is likely to be reading a novel or watching drama on television.