I am hardworking, self motivated and enthusiastic PhD. Biostatistics graduate with keen interest in research. A good problem solver with ability to work well as a part of the team. Good organizational skills and ability to prioritize, good supervisory skills, handle multi tasks, meet deadlines and work independently in a challenging environment. I have implemented most of the strategies to the advantage of the department. I am a whole round well-developed character, a person of exemplary Christian moral principles of unquestionable integrity, committed in the discharge of the services to the clients has attracted an array of compliments from people visiting the department; this is in addition to actions depicting professionalism and accountability. Currently teaching statistics and actuarial courses both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, supervising and internal examining  students’ theses and research projects. I have conducted researches on various statistical methods and published in academic journals.

Member in International Biometric Society (IBS) with IBS Member ID number of 1299051.


Career objectives:

To attain the best knowledge and work experience in statistics and research to help the society in making right and feasible decision in investment and sustainable human development.

To lead an active and productive life to my people, the community and all humanity at large, to fully engage my profession resourcefulness in setting desirable standards geared towards the realization of both broad and specific objectives within my field of practice and employer

My goal is to secure a position where I can offer world class administrative support within the area of research and development.

To enhance my professional skills in a dynamic and stable workplace



 I have been trained on Advanced Biostatistical Methods: Multilevel models and Cluster Randomized Trials” by Prof. Joseph Hogan of Brown University US and Prof Andrea Troxel New York University also trained on “Introduction to R programming for Biostatistics; Data management, Regression Modeling and Survival Analysis” by Prof. Joseph Hogan and Prof. Adam Sulivan of Brown University US.