January 2010 to date:  Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Instruction and Educational Media, School of Education Moi University.

Duties:•Section Head, Kiswahili and Indigenous Languages section.

•Coordinating teaching and assessment of Kiswahili Language Education and Indigenous Languages for both undergraduate and post graduate students where appropriate.

July 2008-December 2009:  Assistant Director – Curriculum Development:

 employed by the Kenya Institute of Education Council.

Duties: • Coordinating curriculum development and drawing up syllabuses for Indigenous Languages and Kiswahili.

•Development of teaching learning resources, both electronic and non-electronic in Kiswahili and Indigenous languages for requisite levels.

January 2007-June 2008: Assistant Director in Youth Training:

Employed by Public Service Commission. Seconded to Ministry of State for Youth Affairs and stationed at Ministry’s Headquarters, Nairobi

Duties: •Liaising with Kenya Institute of Education to oversee the development of training programs and teaching and learning materials for youths out of school and in Youth Polytechnics.

• Conducting quality assurance and standards for youth training programs and quarterly monitoring and evaluation on youth training needs.

March 2000 - January 2007: Senior Curriculum Developer with Teachers’ Service Commission (Kenya) and stationed at the Kenya Institute of Education currently Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

Duties:  Overseeing the Development of Curriculum, drawing syllabi for And developing instructional materials for Kiswahili language.

January 1997-August 1998:  Functional Adult Literacy Coordinator with the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a (Kenya).

Duties:  Coordinating the activities of the Functional Adult Literacy [FAL] Program based on Frerian Pedagogy. Specifically: Drawing work plans, development, pilot testing and revision of teaching and learning materials, carrying out baseline survey and writing funding proposals and preparing budget,

September 1990 to September 1992, and again in September 1994 – April 2000. Graduate Teacher with Teachers’ Service Commission (Kenya) and stationed in several secondary schools.

Duties: Teachers Service Commission appointed Head of Department for Languages in Secondary School. teacher teaching Kiswahili language, Fasihi and History, Producer and Director of theatre and drama works, patron Drama and Youth Alive Clubs and as Head, Guidance and Counseling Department.


• Chairman, Board of Management: St Joseph’s Secondary KARI Nakuru

• Organizing Secretary and member, Chama Cha Kiswahili Cha Afrika Mashariki (CHAKAMA), A Professional Association of Kiswahili Scholars in East Africa-

•Member, Chama Cha Kiswahili Cha Taifa (CHAKITA)- An Association of Kiswahili Scholars in Kenya.

• Retired Member of Kenya National Drama Festivals Executive Committee.

•Member Forum for African Women Educationalist (FAWE) - Kenya Chapter

• Member Slow Food International Movement

•Member Catholic Men Association (CMA-K)

• Chair, Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Diocese, St Francis KITI Parish of Nakuru Catholic Diocese.