Nyamwala is an Associate Professor in the department of Mathematics, Physics & Computing of Moi University, Kenya. His field of studies is in Pure Mathematics with biasness in operator theory. He has published widely in operator theory, spectral theory of differential operators, essential and absolutely continuous spectra of difference operators, norms of elementary operators as well as in analytic procedures in nanotechnology. He has held a number of administrative positions in various universities including programme coordinator and Chair of department. He is a member of professional bodies like ILAS, KDSA, DAAD Alumni, RGMIA. Nyamwala coordinates a number of funded projects including World Bank projects (ACEII-PTRE), DAAD (In-Country/In-Region Scholarships), TWAS (Mathematics Projects) among others. He has presented mathematical talks in several universities and research institutes across the Globe including prestigious universities like University of Oxford, King’s College London, University of Cologne, University of South Africa, University of Osnabrueck, Free University of Amsterdam.