Name                           Evangeline W Njiru

Gender                         Female

DOB                              1973

Nationality                    Kenyan

Marital Status                Married

Languages                     English, Kiswahili.

Personal Address          P.O. Box 2381-30100, ELDORET, KENYA

Contact                         Cell: +254 (0) 722 624 353

                                    E- mail:






Career objective: Achieving the highest academic credentials that will enable me be an effect leader and also give me an even bigger opportunity to impart knowledge through teaching and passing on clinical skills to the students as well as benefit the organization and offer service to the community.




Post Graduate:

2009:    Post graduate certificate in Oncology; Tel Aviv University, Israel. Apprenticeship in various clinical departments in the cancer unit of Tel Hashomer hospital, gaining clinical skills as well as academic mastery of various disorders including lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemias, bone marrow transplants among others. Attended ward rounds, clinics as well as tumor boards.


2005:    Master of Medicine (MMed, Internal Medicine); University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya.Three year training in Internal Medicine, in which lectures and apprenticeship in the medical wards and clinics was the major mode of learning. There was also exposure to pediatrics medicine by means of lectures in year 1 of study and rotations in areas of specialization amongst them psychiatry, anaesthesia, radiology and ICU in year 2 of study. Assesment was by means of end of year examination as well as Thesis defense. My thesis was titled “Prevalence of Acute Pancreatitis in HIV positive patients presenting with upper abdominal pain at KNH, Kenya.



1998:    MBChB; Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya

Completed a 6 year training in Medicine which involved coursework in basic sciences, Pharmacology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Health management,Forensic medicine, Occupational Health as well as COBES 9Community Based Experience and Service).Clinical experience involved rotations in  Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Obs/Gyn, Surgery and the specialilties. Did a 6 week elective in Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana, USA  in 1996.





2020: CITI GCP Certification (online)-Indiana University, USA

This training imparts knowledge on best practices when carrying out clinical trials, including the concepts of informed consent, roles of institutional regulatory boards 9IRBs), vulnerable populations, how to assess risk of procedures in clinical trials among others.


2020: CITI HSP Certification (online)-AIDS CLINICAL TRIALS GROUP (ACTG)

This training is important for persons dealing in trials dealing with human subjects

as it imparts knowledge regarding ethical issues in the conduct of human based research.


2018:    Fellowship of the East Central & Southern Africa College of Physicians, Fell (ECSACOP)


2017: CITI HSP Certification (online): (ACTG)


            2016: CITI GCP Certification (online) – Indiana University, USA



2013: CITI GCP Certification (online) - Indiana University, USA


2009:  GCP Certificate, DAIDS/CRS Comprehensive Training; Kampala,Uganda.

            One-week comprehensive training in on how to conduct clinical trials, including issues of Good

             Clinical Practice, Human Subject Protection and FDA Regulations on how to handle human

             subjects when carrying out clinical research and proper documentation.




2005: Writers workshop in Makerere University, Uganda. Trained by various persons among them an editor with New England medical journal on how to write and submit an article to a medical journal

2016: Writers workshop, Naivasha, Kenya; participated in workshop organized by the department of Medicine, Moi University

2019: Writers workshop, Naivasha: Organized by Department of Medicine of Moi University; Participant



2013-Date:         Licensed Specialist in Oncology; Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentist Council  


2007-Date:        Licensed Part-Time Private Physician; KMPDC

1998-Date:         Licensed Medical Practitioner on the Retention Register; KMPDC

2007:                Registered Specialist Physician; KMPDC

1998:                Registered Medical Practitioner; KMPDC




4.1 Employment History


2007-Date:  Moi University School of Medicine, Eldoret.

                      Position: Lecturer, Department of Medicine


  1. Teaching and examination of undergraduate and post-graduate medical students and dental students on rotation


  1. Ensured timely running of  courses and setting of examinations questions


2005-2006:        Kitale District Hospital

                          Position: Consultant Physician

                        Responsibilities: Medical consultant

  1. Providing administrative and clinical services in the wards and medical out-patient clinics.
  2. Supervised Medical Officers and Medical Officers (Interns)


2001-2007:        Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi.

Position: Senior House Officer (Registrar):


  1. Undertook post-graduate training. This involved ensuring  quality patient care in the medical wards as well as outpatient clinics as well as attending to consults from other departments
  2. Clinical teaching of under-graduate students who were on medical rotation
  3. Supervision of Medical Officers and medical officers (Interns)


1998-1999               Kisumu District Hospital,  Kisumu

Position: Medical Officer


  1. Provide patient care
  2. Attend and present in clinical audit meetings
  3. Examination of prisoners
  4. Link patients with care not available at the facility (appropriate referral)


1998-1999:        New Nyanza Provincial General hospital, Kisumu

                        Position: Medical Officer (Intern)

Responsibilities: Patient care under assigned consultants in 4 major rotations








2008-Date:        Investigator with Moi University Clinical Research Centre (MUCRC)

2008-Date:        Investigator with Ampath Oncology Institute

2008-Date:        Involved in hospital-based research, supervision and examination of post-graduate students’ research projects in medicine and public health and International Ethics.


7.1 Completed research

         1. ACTG Studies: 5263-a randomized multicenter trial on HIV patients with advanced Kaposis

                             Sarcoma, three arms of treatment. Accrual closed, data analysis complete.

                             Was a Co-investigator on the study

                             5264- a randomized control trial for early KS in HIV. Study discontinued

                                       early due to slow accruals. Co-Investigator on the trial

       2. PD1 study: The Role of PD1 pathway and the Micro-environment in HIV  in HIV Kaposi sarcoma     and Endemic Kaposi sarcoma cohort in Western Kenya . PI on this study. Data analysis ongoing  

       3. AMC 068:Randomized Phase 2 trial of CHOP vs oral Chemotherapy with

                    Concomitant Antiretroviral Therapy in Patients with HIV associated Lymphoma in

                    Sub-Saharan Africa. Co- PI on this study. Study discontinued due to slow accrual:




7.3   Research/Project Grants

1. CARTA Research Grant-Awarded a research grant for PhD study by CARTA-2013

2. ASALI- A Sustainable Approach to Sustainable Livelihood. Involved in grant writing for award by VU University, Netherlands for a collaborative research between VU, SEKU and Moi University; October 2013




2007-Date: MTRH: Clinician as Specialist Physician

2013-Date:  MTRH: Clinician as Oncologist and Hematologist




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1. Antoine N. Saliba, MD1, Christopher Mwaniki Wanjiku, MD2, Evangeline Wawira Njiru, MD2. Acute myeloid leukemia: does one size fit all? A retrospective analysis of outcomes of therapy at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya

 1. Indiana University Simon Cancer Center, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

  2. AMPATH Oncology Institute, Eldoret, Kenya

 Abstract presented at the Annual American Society of Clinical Oncologists Conference, June 2018

2.Christopher Mwaniki Wanjiku, MD1, Antoine N. Saliba, MD2, Carolyn Kilach, MD1 Nicholas Kisilu, MD1, Peace Mbengei, MD1, Evangeline Oyungu,

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     and Multiple Myeloma (RAP-CALM) at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital –     

                         Eldoret, Kenya: a Pilot Study

1. AMPATH Oncology Institute, Eldoret, Kenya

2. Indiana University Simon Cancer Center, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

              Abstract presented at the Annual American Society of Clinical Oncologists Conference, June 2018



2007 - Kenya Association of Physicians Annual Scientific conference, Sirikwa Hotel,  

            Eldoret (participated)

2008 - Moi University course coordinators and year coordinators workshop, June 2008



             -Oncology symposium by Academic Model for Providing Access to Health

             (AMPATH), Sept 2008(attended)


2009 - Advantage EDC Training course (Electronic data capture course) (completed)

-        Research coordinator/ Research Assistant Training Course, June 2008, Eldoret

             Kenya (completed)


2010 - Kenya Medical Women’s Association Scientific Symposium, October 2010,Nairobi,       

             Kenya (attended)

         - Symposium on Hematological Tumours, June 2010, MTRH, Eldoret (participated)


2011 – Kenya Association of Physicians Annual Scientific Conference, March 2011,

            Kisumu, Kenya (attended)

         -Hematology Symposium, 18th-21st May 2011, Eldoret, Kenya (participated)


2012- ASCO and AMPATH Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course (MCMC), 14th -  

           17th February 2012, Eldoret, Kenya (participated)

          -2nd PanAfrican Regional Workshop on Women’s Health And Development, 17th-

           18th January, 2013, Eldoret, Kenya (participated)


2013- Kenya Association of Physicians Annual Scientific conference, 8th-11th May 2013,

           Nairobi, Kenya (attended)


2014 -KMA Scientific Symposium on Oncology, 21st February 2014, KICC, Nairobi, Kenya


          -Sickle cell Disease and Hemophilia Workshop, 15th-16th April 2014, Mombasa, 

          Kenya (facilitated)

          -Sickle cell Disease and Hemophilia Workshop, 20th-21st May 2014, Mombasa, Kenya



2015 - African League Of Associations For Rheumatology (AFLAR) diagnostic skill 

           training, 5th March 2015 (participated)

         -Kenya Association of Physicians Annual Scientific conference, 18th-21st March 2015,

           Mombasa, Kenya (attended)


2016 –Kenya Association of Physicians Annual Scientific Conference, Eldoret, Kenya



2017 -Consortium for Advanced Research and Training in Africa (CARTA) Joint Advanced

          Seminars, March 2017, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda (participated)

         -Mwongozo Induction Training programme for Boards of State Corporations, 16th-18th

          February 2017, Mombasa, Kenya (participated)

2018-Sub-Saharan Lymphoma Masterclass, 7th July 2018, Nairobi, Kenya (attended)

         -Aids Malignancy Consortium (Sub-Saharan meeting to discuss on- going and up-coming

         research protocols; 10th -13th July 2018; Dar es Salaam. (Participated as Co-PI)

        -Lymphoma leukemia Workshop at AMPATH oncology Institute, 28th April 2018   


        -Tobacco and Cancer in Kenya Symposium, Eldoret, Kenya;28th February 2018  


         -MERCK Oncology symposium and Erbitux launch, Eldoret, Kenya; 12th May 2018


2018- East, Central and Southern Africa College of Physicians Conference (ECSACOP),

           Entebbe, Uganda; Participant

2019-Kenya Association of Physicians (KAP) annual conference in Eldoret, (facilitated).

2019-East, Central and Southern Africa College of Physicians Conference (ECSACOP),

          Livingstone, Zambia; Participant

2020- Kenya Association of Physicians Annual Scientific Conference, Naivasha, Kenya;





  1. Kenya Association of Physicians (KAP)
  2. Kenya Medical Women’s Association (KEMWA)
  3. Kenya Society of Hemato-oncologists (KESHO)
  4. Kenya Medical Association (KMA)
  5. American Society of Oncologists (ASCO)
  6. East, Central and Southern Africa College of Physicians Conference (ECSACOP)





a)      2008: MASHAV scholarship to study in Israel, 2008-2009

b)      2012:  IDEA (International Development and Education Award by The American Society of Clinical Oncologists. Was able to travel to Chicago, USA for the ASCO annual scientific conference and then be attached thereafter to a leading Oncologist at the University of Chicago for apprenticeship and mentoring (Dr. Fumni Olapade, leading breast cancer scientist)




a)      Member, Hospice board of Eldoret

b)      Career talks, Immaculate Heart Juniorate school, Eldoret

c)      Motivation talk, Stethoscope ceremony, SOM