Elizabeth is a Public Health Nutritionist in her final year of her doctorate studies at Alexandria University,Egypt. She is finalizing her dissertation for review. She is an educator and researcher with a keen interest in population health, specifically in topical emerging issues such as diet and health, lifestyle diseases, geriatrics, food security and maternal infant and young child nutrition. Elizabeth has a M.Sc in Food Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelor of Education (Home Economics) degree from Kenyatta University.
She is a licensed and certified member of the Kenya Nutrition and Dietitians Institute (KNDI), Speak Nutrition Society and the International Federation of Home Economics. She has expertise in teaching clinical nutrition, primary health care and the use of experiential learning through Field Demo sites and Community Based Education and Services. 

Elizabeth has successfully initiated innovative and sustainable nutrition interventions within the community, in so doing contributed to curriculum development, training, policy formulation, community development and the attainment of sustainable development goals ultimately improving the quality of life.