Dr. Edwin Kimitei, is a Lecturer of Marketing and Logistics at Moi University, School of Business and Economics. Currently, he is a Business Coach and Mentor of the E4Impact Accelerator at Moi University. Edwin is also a commercialization lead person under ACEII/PTRE at Moi University. Moreover, he is a registered member of Kenya Institute of Supplies Management. He has a wide range of experience in management, teaching, research, outreach, consultancies, and project planning & management. He has conducted several research projects and disseminated the same through documentation, conferences and publications. Edwin aspires to create scientific knowledge that inspires and enables organizations to do better for their societies and the natural environment with which they interact. Furthermore, he is also passionate about the development and functioning of supply chains as complex forms of collective organizing. His research agenda, as a consequence, is unified under one important theme: how sustainability can be integrated in supply chains, and the implications for competitiveness.