Professionally, I am a Dental Surgeon with advanced skills in clinical disciplines of dentistry. My major interests revolve around Oral Surgery, Implantology, Endodontics and Crown/Bridge. I have worked at the university since October 2015 and taught undergraduate BDS students. My research interests continue to grow though they currrently revolve around Burkitts Lymphoma, Local Anaesthesia and Mentorship Programs at the School of Dentistry.

Administratively, I currently serve as the Treasurer of Kenya Dental Association-North Rift where we have instituted a Financial Management System that has improved the transparency of the Organization.

At Moi University, I coordinate 3 courses (DSC 401 Oral Surgery, DSC 407 Oral Medicine and Therapeutics, DSC 309 Human Communication Skills. Some of my achievements include speedy delivery of courses, transparency in examination marks handling and the revision of student evaluation relating to their logbooks. I am part of the BDS Curriculum Review Committee that is currently reviewing the undergraduate BDS (Bachelor of Dental  Surgery) currculum in Moi University. I also serve in other committees like MUHACU (Moi University HIV/ AIDS Control Unit).

With Regard to my teaching activities, take part in Curriculum delivery in 3 major courses Oral Surgery and Local Anaesthesia, Oral Medicine and Therapeutics and Oral Radiology. I teach effectively using Problem Based Learning Method in which we have strict adherence to Seminars, Tutorials and Clinical activities as required by the system.

My personal interests in clinical dentistry revolve around Laser Surgery in Dentistry, Sonic Elevator (Powered Elevators),  Rotary Endodontics (Protaper Universal, Protaper Gold, Protaper Next), Sirona CAD/ CAM for Fixed Prostheses and MEGAGEN Implant Systems. I have a keen interest in ensuring patients receive the highest standard of care in my hands.

Socially, I am a responsible citizen who values the rule of law. I am ethically governed in the practice of my profession and delivery of service to my fellow citizens.