Research Interests

Overview of Research interests

My research interests have mainly covered the area of social issues that touch young people and the role that religion plays in providing support to young people in Empowerment. My first research was the Ph.D thesis research that touched on the problem of refugees and the response of the church. From that I have focused on other vulnerable groups, children and young people. One of my big achievements in research with the refugees was to see the establishment of a theological school in the camp that trains pastors and other workers to respond to the spiritual needs of the refugees. The other research among children in Uasin Gishu saw the establishment of Uasin Gishu Children Services Forum an organization that bring together over 40 organizations that work with vulnerable children in Uasin Gishu County. Before the research these organizations existed solely none knowing the existence of the other. Now they meet monthly to discuss their issues, bench mark and brainstorm as they seek to offer quality services to children in Uasin Gishu. My other research with young people has made us aware of the many organizations that help young people to transition to adulthood but they do not have a common curriculum. So with my group we are planning a trainer of trainers for all these organizations that give these services to young people so that they can help to transmit common values and we will have a better country. We hope to start in Uasin Gishu then move to other 47 counties.

Titles of Main Research Projects –:

  • Researcher with Prof. Eunice Kamaara, Dr. Joyce Nyairo, Prof. Mary Wahome and Ms Pamela Abuya on the Character Values Research: An Evaluation of the African Christian Initiation Program( ACIP) 2015-2017. Funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation Inc.
  • Co-Investigator With Jeanette Dickerson-Putman (IUPUI), “Building Knowledge and Peace Across Generations: An Investigation for Promoting Change in Elder-Youth Dialogue Among the Nandi of Burnt Forest”. Approved by IREC and is ongoing. Funded by Indiana University, Department of Anthropology.
  • Co-Investigator with Eunice Kamaara-Karanja in “Kenya Youth Empowerment Project” An Assessment of Church World Service “Giving Hope Methodology” in Cherangani and Uasin Gishu County Dec. 2011- May 2012. Funded by Church World Service for 6 Months.
  • Principal Investigator, UNCBI-NGO, University of Southern California, Daystar and Moi University Partnership in identifying and working to coordinate and streamline the children at risk programs in Eldoret and Nairobi. Funded by HED-USAID for three years 2006-2009.