Catherine Muia received Masters and bachelors of Science degree in physiotherapy from the University of the Western Cape (UWC), South Africa. She holds a bachelors of Arts (social Sciences) and MPhil student from Moi University. She is currently lecturing undergraduate physical therapy student at department of orthopedics and rehabilitation, School of Medicine Moi University. A strong advocate of physical activity programs in promotion of women health and the elderly. She involves her students in the management of obstetrics and gynecological conditions and prevention of comorbidity in the elderly. She has been involved in the management of residual urinary incontinence following obstetric fistula repair whose publications can be assessed in EAMJ and UWC website. Her PhD research interest focuses on maternal activity levels in prevention of non-communicable diseases. She is a member of Kenya Society of Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Council of Kenya. She recently presented in African Region WCPT held in Nairobi.