Dr, Wambua kyalo Benjamin holds a PhD in Educational Research and Evaluation. He is multi-skilled and versatile leader and academic with extensive experience and expertise in research, evaluation and education policy. A Seasoned Senior Lecturer with over 15 years in research, training, consultancy, and university teaching. His achievements, responsibilities and professional memberships are summarized as under:

School Responsibilities

  • Curriculum Leader- PhD in Education Research and Evaluation
  • Member of School of Education consultancy and Research committee
  • Member of School Post Graduate Committee-2018 to date
  • School of Education Representative to International Office-Moi University

Departmental Responsibilities

a)          Teaching: Educational Research, Economics of Education and Planning

b)       Curriculum Development and Review

c)        Supervision of Post Graduate Students (Masters and Ph.D.)

d)       Examination of Post Graduate Students’ Thesis-internal and external examiner

Professional membership

Member of Society of Research and Evaluation In Africa, Kenya Chapter Member of the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration & Management-Kenya Chapter

Associate member of the Kenya Institute of Management

In summary Dr,Wambua kyalo Benjamin is committed to mentoring and empowering individuals and communities. he is innovative and embraces adaptable approach to addressing societal issues: to use acquired skills and experience to make a meaningful contribution to the transformation of the Quality and Management aspects of Higher Education globally.