Research Interests

Principal Investigator, ‘Healthcare providers’ perspectives on the role of religion and spirituality in healthcare settings in Eldoret, Kenya.’

Co-Investigator, Addressing bioethical research gaps in research with young people living with HIV in Kenya. NIH R01 Supplement. Funding: NIH

Co-Investigator, Strengthening Referral Networks for Management of Hypertension across the Health System (STRENGTHS). Funding: NIH

Co-Investigator, An implementation research study to enhance the scale-up of the Primary Health Integrated Care Project for Chronic Conditions (PIC4C) in Kenya.’ (Funding: MRC)

Co-Investigator, Primary health integrated care project for chronic diseases (PIC4C). (Funding: World Bank)


2021. ‘Continuity of Essential Health Services (CES) Study - Exploring Effect of COVID-19 on demand for and utilization of maternal, newborn and child health services in Kenya, Malawi and Mozambique.’ AKU-UNICEF

2021. ‘Community perspectives on the physical and socio-geographic factors that are associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes in Kilifi, Kenya’ - An ancillary study to The PRECISE (PREgnancy Care Integrating translational Science Everywhere) Network Study. AKU

2021-2022. ‘Qualitative assessment of the Jacaranda Health (JH) MENTORS and PROMPTS intervention, Kenya.’ Jacaranda Health & JH

2021. ‘Bridging income generation with group integrated care.’  (Funding: NIH)

2020-2021. ‘End line evaluation - Improving access to maternal and newborn health in Tanzania.’ Center of Excellence in Women and Child Health, Aga Khan University, Nairobi. AKU- Aga Khan Foundation

2020-2021. ‘Evaluation of technologies for neonates in Africa (ETNA).’ Save the Children Federation.

2020.-2021. ‘Determinants of teenage pregnancies in Kilifi County, Kenya.’ Kilifi County Government

2020. ‘Community-based provision of urine pregnancy tests as linkage to reproductive health services in western Kenya.’ (Funding: Indiana University)

2019. Afya Halisi - JHPIEGO, Social Science and qualitative research support. Ring Road, 14 Riverside, Nairobi, Kenya.

2019. ‘Evaluation of the effectiveness of Afya Elimu Fund.’ Intra-Health & Higher Education Loans Board (HLB), Kenya

2019. Principal Investigator, ‘Africa mHealth Research Institute (AMHRI).’ We have implemented AMHRI with the goal to establish a foundation for a self-sustaining mHealth research community within sub-Saharan Africa. (Funding: NIH/Fogarty).

2019. Principal Investigator, ‘Blood test-comparable noninvasive mobile assessment of hemoglobin for anemia: smartphone-based bloodless spectrometerless hemoglobin analyzer (sHEA)’ (Funding: NIH)

2019. Co-Investigator, ‘Influence of gender and socio-economic factors on maternal and child nutrition practices in Cabo Delgado province, Mozambique.’ (Funding: Government of Canada, Global Affairs Canada)

2019. Co- Investigator, ‘Integration of a package of point of care tests into rural primary care facilities to improve access to basic antenatal screening; A cluster randomised stepped wedge trial in Rabai, Kilifi County Kenya (Funding: Grand Challenges Africa)

2019. Co-Investigator, ‘Improving access to maternal and newborn health in Tanzania’ (Funding: AKF)

2019. Principal Investigator, ‘Linkage to care following home-based counseling and testing in Western Kenya.’ (Funding: NIH)

2019. Consultant, Afya Halisi - JHPIEGO. ‘Analysis and reporting of the study on effectiveness of a combined approach towards improving utilization of adolescent sexual reproductive health services in Kisumu and Kakamega counties, Kenya’ Jul 1-Aug 23rd 2019.

2019. Consultant, Afya Halisi - JHPIEGO. ‘Analysis and reporting of the study on evaluation of dynamics of contraceptive use, discontinuation and method switching in Migori and Kitui counties, Kenya’ Jun 4 – Aug 5th 2019.

2019. Co-Investigator, ‘The role of mobile Personal Health Records (mPHRs) for chronic disease care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)’ (Funding: Vanderbilt-Emory-Cornell-Duke (VECD) Fogarty Global Health Fellowship)

2019. Consultant, Afya Halisi - JHPIEGO. ‘Analysis and reporting of the study on understanding the gender related barriers and influencers to use and provision of family planning, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health services, and water, sanitation hygiene and nutrition behaviors in four counties in Kenya,’ Mar 8 - May 27th 2019.

2018. Co-Investigator, ‘A pilot study to estimate the impact of a screening and referral service on contraceptive use in Bungoma Kenya’ (Funding: Duke University)

2018. Co-Investigator, ‘Development and assessment of a community-based ART delivery model established on the platform of a peer-group (ART Co-op) and facilitated by community health workers (CHWs).’ (Funding: CDC)

2017. Co- Investigator & Lead Implementer, ‘Access to Quality Care through Extending and Strengthening Health Systems (AQCESS): Gender assessment in MNCH in Kaloleni and Bomachoge-Borabu sub counties in Kenya’ (Funding: Aga Khan Foundation East Africa)

2017. Co-Investigator, Moi University, Indiana University, Brown University, Mount Sinai and Duke University. ‘Optimizing linkage and retention to hypertension care in rural Kenya (LARK).’ (Funding: NHLBI)

2017. Principal Investigator, ‘Exploration of context and improvement of access to health care among key populations in western Kenya.’ (Funding: VLIR-Moi University Project).

2017. Consultant, Fred Hollows Foundation. ‘Gender analysis report dissemination and action planning for Fred Hollows Foundation Kenya.’ (Client: Fred Hollows Foundation)

2017. Consultant, The Amsterdam School for Social Science Research (AISSR) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). ‘Synthesis evaluation in the South of sexual and reproductive health and rights subsidy policy frameworks 2011 – 2015.’ (Client: AISSR, University of Amsterdam)

2016. Lead Consultant, Fred Hollows Foundation. ‘Research into the barriers women face in accessing eye health services in Kenya: Case study of Baringo and Siaya Counties.’ (Client: Fred Hollows Foundation)

2016. Co-Principal Investigator, Moi University & Havard School of Public Health. ‘Can a decision-making nudge improve birth outcomes? A Pilot Randomized Experiment in Nairobi’ (Funding: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

2016. Co- Investigator, Moi University and Brown University. ‘Examination of linkage to care following home-based counseling and testing in western Kenya and implementation of a pilot intervention to improve linkage to care.’ (Funding: NIH Grant)

2016. Co- Investigator, ‘Validating an HIV-related stigma measure for families with HIV-infected children.’ (Funding: NIH Grant)

2015. ‘Barriers and motivators to accessing skilled birth attendants in Kenya.’ IU Fellowship

2015. Principal Investigator, Moi University and Indiana University ‘Rapid baseline situational assessments in improving data for decision-making in global cervical cancer programs.’ (Funding: CDC)

2015. Co-Investigator, Moi University and Indiana University. ‘The IU Simon Cancer Center AMPATH Oncology Institute: An exemplar of care for the developing world and a population-based research environment for IUSCC.’ (Funding: Cancer Foundation)

2015. Co-Investigator, Moi University/VLIR-OUS South Initiative. ‘Cervical cancer prevention in Kenya: Maximizing uptake of HPV vaccines.’ (Funding: VLIR North-South Initiative)

2015. Co- Investigator, ‘Orphaned and street youth’s perspectives on sexual health in Western Kenya.’ the (Funding: Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH)

2014-2015. ‘Assessment of obstetric fistula in Kenya.’ United Nations Population Fund.

2013-2014. Co- Investigator, Moi University and New York University. ‘Accuracy of oral HIV self-tests in Kenya.’ (Funding: International Initiative for Evaluation, NASCOP)

2009-2014. Social Science Consultant, USAID-Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH), a collaboration of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) Eldoret, Moi University School of Medicine (MUSoM) Eldoret, and a consortium of North American Universities committed to tackling some of Kenya’s challenging health problems (including HIV, hypertension, cancer, diabetes and implementation of the primary health care).

2011-2013. Principal Investigator, Moi University and George Washington University, ‘Exploring low uptake of skilled delivery services and postpartum family planning services among women living in western Kenya.’ (Funding: USAID - MEASURE Evaluation PRH Grant, University of North Carolina, USA).

2011-2013. Co-Principal Investigator, Moi University and Indiana University, ‘Patient-reported outcomes of cancer care in Eldoret, Kenya.’ (Funding: International Development Fund – Indiana University, USA)

2011-2013. Co-Principal Investigator, Moi University, ‘Informed consent and perception of clinical trials participants at the AMPATH Centre, Eldoret, Kenya.’ (Funding: Moi University Research Grant)

2011-2012. ‘Kenya chapter of the Systematic Monitoring of the Male Circumcision Scale-up (SYMMACS) project.’ USAID Research-to-Prevention (R2P) Project.

2010-2013. Co- Investigator, Moi University and University of Washington, ‘Know your network:  A sexual concurrency intervention in Kenya.’ (Funding: NIH Grant)

2010-2012. Team Member, Moi University and Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad – University Development Cooperation (VLIR-OUS) Health Sciences Project, a demographic surveillance and health research initiative in Webuye, Kenya. (Funding: VLIR-UOS scholarship)

2009-2011. Co- Investigator, ‘World Food Programme monitoring and evaluation of its local (Kenya) farmer food procurement project and UNAIDS cost benefit analysis of local procurement on increasing small holder production through structured demand in TB, HIV Treatment and OVC Programmes.’

2009-2011. Co- Investigator, ‘Small Enterprise Education and Promotion Network (SEEP) Value Initiative Program (VIP) to address constraints and market issues that create obstacles for growth and investment in horticultural value chains in Western Kenya.’

2008-9. Co- Investigator, ‘Stigma in Global Context- Mental Health Study (SGC-MHS).’ (NIMH)

2006-8. Co- Investigator, ‘Evaluation of the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare, AMPATH, programs in western Kenya.’

2006-8. Co-Principal Investigator, ‘Needs assessment of HIV orphans and vulnerable children in western Kenya.’

2005-6. Co-Investigator, ‘Psychological distress symptoms of individuals living with HIV/AIDS in western Kenya.’ 

2004. Research Assistant, ‘Intersection of family, work and health,’ Indianapolis, Indiana.

2003-2004. Co-Principal Investigator, ‘Reduction of HIV/AIDS stigma through HIV/AIDS support groups in Uasin Gishu and Nandi Districts Kenya’.

2002. Co-Principal Investigator, ‘Equitable treatment duration for HIV/AIDS clinical trial participants in Kenya.’

2002. Co-Principal Investigator, ‘Barriers to STI/HIV-related care seeking in Eldoret and Mosoriot, Kenya.’

2002-2003. Principal Investigator, ‘Breastfeeding patterns among working mothers in Eldoret municipality, Kenya.’

1999. Principal Investigator, ‘Fertility seeking behavior of migrant Ghanaian women in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.’

1997. Co-Investigator, ‘Management of diarrhea in children in Eldoret, Kenya.’

1993-1995. Research Assistant, ‘Pit latrine sanitation, mechanisms of contamination of household water and hygiene practices in Eldoret, Kenya.’