Cancer Diagnosis and Allergy detection

I have attracted the 4th Annual General VC research funding (2006) to work on Esophageal cancer, which is one of the topmost non-HIV related cancer in men in the region. I also attracted funding from National Council Science Technology that guided the prognosis and treatment for women with Breast cancer. This initiated an Immunohistochemistry diagnostic laboratory for various cancers at MTRH. I have attracted NIH funding for cancer diagnosis in children with Burkitts Lymphoma and Wilms tumor (kidney cancer). I recently got NIH funding for determination of HIV viral load using mobile phone technology.

I have supervised 20 masters students and 2 PhD students. I have 49 publications in refereed national and international journals. I have attended and had oral presentation and poster presentations at various national and international conferences.


Inui PSI-22-899-02 (Vreeman) 07/01/15– 06/30/190.8 Calendar Lilly Endowerment $ 83,700


The goal of this fund is to support the research infrastructure at Ampath.

Role: Co-Investigator

5U54 CA190151-02 (Loehrer/Brown/Orang’o) 09/01/15-08/31/190.6 Calendar NIH/NCI $326,107

AMPATH-Oncology Institute: HPV and Cervical Cancer in Kenyan Women with HIV/AIDS

The core objective of this project is to better understand the natural history of oncogenic HPV infections in HIV-infected Kenyan women, and the potentially modifiable (and non-modifiable) factors that are associated with progression of oncogenic HPV infection to clinical disease, including cervical cancer. Additionally, with the creation of a multinational, transdisciplinary program entitled the AMPATH-Oncology Institute, a mentoring program will be established to foster development of new cancer researchers in Kenya

Role: Co-Investigator

5U01 A1069911-10 (Wools/Yiannoutsos) 08/01/15– 7/31/180.55 Calendar NIH-NIAID,NCI,NICHD $ 129,208

East African Regional IeDEA Consortium

The goal of this project is to create a regional East African database with data collected in the process of routine care from HIV-infected patients enrolled in health centres in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. These data will in turn be used to perform epidemiologic studies.

Role: Co-Investigator

Ampath Oncology Institute (Chite/Busakhala) 01/01/16-12/31/18 0.43 Calendar

Pfizer Foundation$540,500

A system of excellence in cancer care in Kenya, East Africa

The major goal of this project is to provide care to cancer patients in Western Kenya

Role: Co-Investigator